Metal Concerts: A Visual Storytelling Adventure


Heavy metal, as much as any other music form, thrives in a live setting. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard someone describe a band as “better live than on CD.” Metal just makes sense when you pair it with the bold, often ritualistic trappings of a live setting. I’m certain that each and every one of us can think back to a particular show that stands out to us and pick out a visual element that left a lasting impression on you. It may have been the way the lights silhouetted the band during a certain song. It may have been the masked chainsaw-wielding surgeon who seemingly threatened your well-being. It may have been the giant alien phallus that sprayed you with goo. Whatever it was, it suited the music perfectly and rooted itself in your memory.

In celebration of those live triumphs, I reached out to our little Facebook community and asked them to share with me some of their favorite pictures from metal shows they’ve attended. Note than none of these photos are professional. Many were shot on cell-phones at a sizable distance. Some of them are from house shows or intimate venues. All of them are important and tell a story of the music we love.

Meshuggah (January, 2012) - W.

Meshuggah (January, 2012) – W.


Baring Teeth (December, 2014) – W.

Sanctuary – Dee Snarl

Watain – DeadButtDreaming

Misfits – Dee Snarl

Nine Inch Nails – Dee Snarl

Anciients – Celtic Frosty

Neurosis – Celtic Frosty

Portal – Celtic Frosty

Judas Priest – Celtic Frosty

King Diamond (2014) – 365 Days of Horror

Slayer – Pagliacci

Agalloch – Pagliacci

Mastodon – Pagliacci

Ghost – Stanley

The Ocean – Pagliacci

Kvelertak – Stanley


Cult of Luna – Stanley

Carcass – Stanley

The Black Dahlia Murder – Stanley

Opeth – Pagliacci

Alcest – Pagliacci

Anathema – Pagliacci

Abigail Williams – Pagliacci

Ancient VVisdom – Pagliacci

Morbid Angel – The God Emprah

Royal Thunder – Pagliacci

Russian Circles – Matt

Black Table – Matt

Machine Head (2015) – Alice

Soundgarden – Dee Snarl

Deafheaven (June, 2014) – slipjackthewanderer

Gwar (September, 2009) – W.

Natur (2014) – Simon Phoenix

Deathhammer (2014) – Simon Phoenix

Sadistic Intent (2014) – Simon Phoenix

Do you have a photo that reminds you of a great show? Share it in the comments below!

(All Photos VIA Their Owners. Main Photo VIA Celtic Frosty)

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