News Roundup: New Cattle Decap! BTBAM Tour! Harms Way Robbed!


Your latest roundup of newz u can uze™.

Yesterday, deathgrind playas Cattle Decapitation announced that their newest album has been mixed and mastered. This record, their follow up to 2012’s massive Monolith of Inhumanity, is yet to be titled but if mixing and mastering is completed, it should be released any day now, right? Not so fast, chump! It appears that the process of pressing this thing to vinyl is going to add a 5 month delay to release. Expect the band to drop hot fire in Summer 2015.

Awkwardly-named prog dudes Between the Buried and Me have announced a fat ass Summer tour to support their upcoming album Coma Ecliptic (out July 7th on Metal Blade). From the press release:

“Once again, the band has returned with an ambitious concept album. This time, the story follows the wanderings of an unidentified man, stuck in a coma, as he journeys through his past lives. Each song is its own episode in a modern day, sort of The Twilight Zone-esque fashion. The unidentified man enters each world and is offered a choice: stay, or move on to the next in search of something better, something more “perfect.” Vocalist / keyboardist Tommy Rogers spoke with REVOLVER Magazine for their upcoming issue, which will be on newsstands everywhere March 31st. Pick up the magazine for an exclusive first look at the album’s recording process and concept. New music and pre-orders bundles will be launched on April 3rd, 2015. “We are excited to announce the Coma Ecliptic tour named after our forthcoming new album! Our tour will feature Animals As Leaders and The Contortionist. VIP Packages are on-sale now at:”

And the dates:

BTBAM Dateslol. Stockhausen will be out on tour for the OKC date.

Finally, really fucking lame news from the Harms Way camp. Fresh off the release of their excellent new LP Rust and at the very dawn of their North American tour in support of it, the band’s van was robbed in Dallas. This is sadly familiar territory for Harms Way; just a couple of years ago, their van was robbed in Chicago causing the band to cancel their appearance at Chaos in Tejas. Consider picking up their new record, purchasing some merch, or sending a couple bucks their way. Van thieves: pray this dude doesn’t find you.

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