Flush it Friday: Nioh 2 HYPE Edition


I recently discovered that Souls-like games (difficult, esoteric, etc.) go by another genre term: “masocore” or masochistic/hardcore. When the term was coined is anybody’s guess (that’s what I say when I can’t be bothered to research something in depth), but it’s extremely apt. Thanks to some encouragement in the TovH Discord channel a year back or so, I’m now a full-time hardo who actively seeks out these vidyagame experiences, having played every Souls game, Bloodborne, Sekiro and Nioh. Today, Nioh 2 was released on PC and I am beyond stoked to get pancaked into molecules by some yokai within the first 10 minutes of playtime. Carpal-tunnel, here I come!

BSG certainly enjoyed this Uncertainty Principle stream:

Premiere: Uncertainty Principle – Sonic Terror

The Lizard interviewed Suffering Hour and boy howdy, is this an in-depth look at Gothic Country:

Interview: Suffering Hour & The Denver Sound

Lord of Bork sure took one for the group
His verdict? Book is straight poop
These limericks are whack
They do not whippeth saqq
Life should’ve stayed a primordial soup:

Gimme Something to Read – Tales from Nantucket by Pete Inc.

Stick got us all riled up for the Superb Owl, post-hasty!

Post Posting: Heave Blood & Die, Sarin, Cult of Luna

What do you g*mers have on your radar for 2021? Anything cool you’re stoked about? Let us know along with your G/B/Us!

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