TMP: Diskord, Sodom, GWAR & More!


Joe’s three-legged pug that insists on eating literally anything and everything ate The Stick, and now all you’ve got is a lot of music links, with very little news items.

Inhuman Condition, formed from the two latest former members of Massacre, Jeramie Kling and Taylor Nordberg, with Terry Butler (Obituary, ex-Death, ex-SFU, ex-Massacre), released a video from their upcoming debut, originally written to be the next Massacre record, before they were replaced with Rogga Johansson and Jonny Pettersson, and uhhh… uhhh… uhhh… I’m not sure it was a wise move. The logo is just Massacre’s and the cover art is authentic enough but “Euphoriphobia” screams “don’t let them release me, bury me in a vault never to be found”. Luckily “Tyrantula” is at least better, and features Rick Rozz on its, and his career’s second solo.

Another fucking excellent track of weirdo death metal from Diskord. Go buy this record. Why are you not buying this record already? Go on already. Seriously, I’ll wait.

Supposedly Markus Vanhala found I Am the Night in the ’90s already, but no actual traces of it have surfaced before now. It is a black metal band rooted in the early ’90s tradition and slathered with lots of synths. It debuts at a time when the demand for synth-laden black metal is at an all-time high—at least since the ’90s—beside the overworked Vanhala who’s already pulling the chief songwriting duties for Omnium Gatherum and Insomnium, from which both bands have suffered, but who had to fill the touring void somehow. It features the former Omnium Gatherum alumnus Janne Markkanen and Paradise Lost/Bloodbath drummer Waltteri Väyrynen and Okko Solanterä. At first play I was just disappointed in the apparent lack of riffs, but it gets better with repeat listens and you start finding dull riffs from the mess. Pre-order now for a bonus Emperor cover.


  • Mayhem will be releasing an EP with some rarities and unreleased tracks, as well as some punk covers.
  • A man from Vattnet “Arttu” Viskari collaborated with a guy from Astronoid to make Kataan, and their self-titled debut EP is now streaming for your listening pleasure.
  • Osiah has a new video of ultra triggered kick drums and not much else for your entertainment, if you must. Maybe the full album stream will reveal more content. I’ll never know.
  • Another track from An Autumn for Crippled Children dropped and I know it’s only depression, but I like it.
  • William “鬼” Melsness of Unreqvited released a pretty good atmoblack album as The Ember, The Ash a couple of years back. At least I think it was good. The project is now back and has allegedly taken a turn towards symphonic deathcore. That’s not how I would describe this new song, although I guess I kinda see where the claim comes from and the almighty lords of Metal-Archives have never yet been wrong about anything.
  • Mac Sabbath will be releasing a pop-up book.
  • Aftershock Festival announced some new bands and cancellations(?)
  • Sodom will be releasing another EP in August, and I’m guessing it will at least feature a re-recording of “Bombenhagel”.
  • If you were planning on hitting Birmingham in time for Furnace Fest, they’ve got their line-up ready for you.
  • The unfortunately unsung Killing Addiction dropped another new track of rock-solid death metal.
  • More lazy, late-era Hammerfall from Hammer King.
  • It seems that Pat O’Brien finally got sentenced.
  • Not yet sure how it ties to any greater conspiracies, but Andrew W.K has gone to heaven.
  • Amenra is doing the good thing with this atmospheric sludge and doom stuff they’ve got going on.
  • Mvlvdvvth thvng frvm Cvlt vv the Svn.
  • There’s a festival called the fucking Bamboozle, and it’s coming back.
  • A pretty good take on Godflesh’sCrush My Soul”, written as a Celtic Frost tribute, by Culted.
  • A delightful single from The Night Flight Orchestra, which seems to have usurped Soilwork’s place as Strid’s and Andersson’s main project.
  • Ophidian I wants you to know Iceland can get technical too.
  • Death metal from Exsanguination.
  • Acoustic GWAR for whatever reason.
  • Insisting on his series of unfortunate life choices, Roy Mayorga rejoins Ministry, who continue to employ Sin Quirin.
  • Light the Torch has a song out.
  • French, symphonically augmented black metal from the returning semi-cult band Seth.
  • Dino Factory with a walk through of how to Disrupt your career for years on end.
  • The first serving of blackened death metal from Withered sans Colin Marston and Ethan McCarthy, I believe.
  • Five Finger Death Punch insists on existing.
  • Danish veterans of thrash, Artillery, desire to get “In Your Mind“.
  • Et Moriemur is some atmodoom from Czechia.
  • Some good material from Roadburn Redux by Nero di Marte.
  • No.
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