News Roundup: Desaster, Candlemass, Behemoth, Stam1na And A Ton More


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Stam1na is preparing to launch their new album on March 18th. If you don’t know who Stam1na is, worry not, you will. In the meanwhile, you can spend the next three minutes and 32 seconds listening to “Kuudet Raamit“, the first single from Elokuutio. Stream below, or click the link if this won’t play in your part of the world.

“The Elokuutio is an innovation delivered to our doorsteps in the near-future. It’s free and self-aware. It lives and exists only if maintained by the society, in videos and photographs. It breeds by diving. The Elokuutio tells us who we are, what do we look like and who are our enemies. The Elokuutio is a lie.”

Just a heads up, it’s a 360-degree video.


Brymir has finally released new music. Their debut was released in 2011, and the sophomore was already teased with The Black Hammer two years ago(!), yet it seems that now Brymir will finally release more music through Ranka Kustannus. They’ve promised to deliver an album that is faster, darker, and with additional virtuosity.


Svarttjern has released a new song, from their upcoming album Dadskronk*, I mean DØDSKRIK. It’s some fancy, Tsjuder-esque black metal that you can stream below.

If these guys ever happen by your neck o’ the woods, do yourself a favour and go see them. It’s not everyday you’ll get to see a black metal band that actually look like they’re having fun on the stage.


Other News Items

  • A new Perturbator album will be released by Blood Music on May 6th. You can view the slightly-NSFW cover art for The Uncanny Valley here, and listen to a teaser for the album here. Or just jam “She Moves Like A Knife“. A bonus EP will also be released digitally, as well as in a bundle with the actual album; it’ll include a few new original songs, some alternate versions and a demo.
  • Desaster is going to release The Oath of an Iron Ritual on April 15th. Stream a song – Damnatio ad Bestiashere.
  • Sylosis has a new song out, debuting their new drummer I think. No word on a new album. Check it out if you really, really, really like Sylosis.
  • On the 25th day of the 3rd month of the year 2016 will Rise Above records release Blood Ceremony’s new album, Lord of Misrule. You can stream “Old Fires” off of it. Didn’t this band use to have a flute?
  • Nergal of Behemoth is working on a country album of all things. Check out his cowboy slimslamhimham over here and here.
  • You can stream The Great Deceiver, the new album by the DS-genius-turned-Industrial rocker Mortiis in full here.
  • The Man-Eating Tree has a new line-up. Joining the band on bass is Altti Veteläinen (from Eternal tears of Sorrow, wouldn’t mind if this meant the appearance of vocal harmonies as well), Jami Heikkala of Corpset on guitars, and Marko Sneck, known from such bands as Kalmah, Poisonblack and Stargazery, on keyboards.
  • Al Jourgensen’s new band Surgical Meth Machine has a new song out. Check it out if you really, really, really liked Uncle Al’s most recent endeavors. It’s also not “a super-hyper-ADHD-blastbeat Ministry” like he promised. Just regular Ministry.
  • Leif Edling is not content with resurrecting Candlemass in the studio and touring with/making a name for Avatarium. Now he’s also got a solo-project going on. Check out this video that’ll get you some info about The Doomsday Kingdom.
  • Death metal veterans Convulse will be releasing a new album, Cycle of Revenge, on March 18th – you can stream a new song here. Alas, I’m not feeling this anymore than I was feeling their other single, Pangaea.
  • Nocturnal Graves is going to visit the US for a few dates. Be there or be square or smth. They also have a new two-song EP out; it’s only physically available on the US tour.

Nocturnal Graves US tour


* Yes Dubz, my dear. I did steal your joke, that’s the kinda man I am.

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