SATANHATE: New Promo Material Available!!!


Date: Thu, Apr 06, 2017 at 10:06 AM
Subject: SATANHATE: New Promo Material Available!!!








Metal has been alive for 20 years, but in that time, no one has succeeded, or even come close to, succeeding in making the DARKEST, most DEVOID OF EVERYTHING slab of PURE UNADULTERATED BRUTALIANISM with success.

That is, until now…..

Hailing from the darkest corners of South CENTRAL GETTYSBURG, SATANHATE rose from the ashes of seminal one-man Death Metal band CHRISTKRIEG, notable for their mind-altering performances at UNCLE PAT’S FAMOUS Ribhouse. Taking everything learned during said project’s existence, SATANHATE set out to obliterate mortals into mere shreds of DUST with their unique style of Blackened Technical Progressive Atmospheric Black Metal.

After releaseing a self-released demo in 2015, SATANHATE gave birth to Where No Space Is Safe, a transcendental work of esoteric art that separated the band from the other band in their local scene. After a short tour of Adams County, mounting tensions within the band members resulted in the announcement of an indefinite hiatus later that year.

Two months later, the band announced that they were returning with a new, already recorded album titled To All the Nice Guys Who Can’t Get a Female, which saw them pushing their sound to new heights of SONIC depravity. A Tri-State Area weekend tour followed, which garnered the band a reputation for being almost TOO GOOD for normal audiences, obviously.

Having entered Real Important Studios last November, SATANHATE are now ready to release their magnum opus, their crowning achievement of HUMANITY upon unsuspecting bystanders with a lot of FURY and BRAVADO. This album is familiar, yet utterly unlike anything you have ever heard in your entire, insignificant life, music OR Otherwise.


Stream SATANHATE’s new album Hitler’s Methods Were Questionable, But He Raised Some Valid Points exclusively at StormFront, the Nuclear War Now Forums, Death Metal Underground, and Keep Metal Dangerous.

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