Myrath – No Holding Back: A Video Breakdown


Myrath, Myrath, Miss American Pierath

I’ve said it before and I’ll saying it again: Green screens and heavy metal music videos just don’t mix. Sure, there are exceptions to the rule, but by and large, it just doesn’t work out. The technology isn’t a fix-all for million-dollar ideas on hundred-dollar budgets. When new, better technology comes out, the video instantly looks dated. Of course, that’s just one person’s opinion. Myrath definitely doesn’t share those views.

Hailing from Tunisia, Myrath Middle Eastern-influenced style of progressive metal has often been paired with effects-heavy music videos. Doing so allows the band to fully realize their vision. Time to break down their latest vision.



In America, we call this “Going to public school”


And here I thought Dream Theater had the most ridiculous instrument set-ups.


Still better than taking a Fung Wah bus.


Welcome to the H.M.S. Musk, the ship of the future where nothing can possib-lie go wrong.




Even Animorphs need a side hustle in this economy.


Careful guys! It’s the John Birch Society!


Me every time I try to jump over a puddle.


This scene is infinitely better when you add this.




A little Prilosec will clear that heartburn right up.


OH FUUUUUU…wait, we have guns, pollution, and modern diseases. We’ll be fine.


Myrath’s album¬†Shehili is out on May 3rd via earMUSIC.


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