PREMIERE: Crafting The Conspiracy – “Equilibrium (Earthbound II)”


EarthBound, tell your children not to walk my way.

“I am the Keymaster. Are you the Gatekeeper?” While there may not be a Vinz Clortho or Gozer the Gozerian in Odessa, TX’s Crafting The Conspiracy‘s album trilogy, there is a villain from beyond and a whole lot of destruction. There’s also a whole lot of windmills, spinkicks, and headwalks.

With their new song “Equilibrium (Earthbound II)” the band unleash a cosmic torrent of aggression. Guitarist Sebastian Bracamontes shreds with a blazing solo that burns with the intensity of a red giant. Bassist Marcus Denzel Williams and drummer Gilbert Gonzales III pummel and drive the song like an asteroid breaking up in the atmosphere and slamming into the vulnerable earth below.

What really brings “Equilibrium (Earthbound II)” to the next level is the smooth and catchy clean vocals of Christina Rotondo. So many metalcore and deathcore bands try and fail at the “Good cop/bad cop” style of vocals, but Rotondo and Miranda nail it. It’s harsh and yielding at the same time.

Bassist Marcus Denzel Williams says,

“I wrote the lyrics to this song in a way that could both tell the story clearly as well as be relatable in a real world sense! At this point in the story our two characters are coming to terms with accepting that the only way to defeat the villain Serenisis is that they both must sacrifice themselves to create a power strong enough to take him down. Their love for each other and the bond they created were keys needed to do just that. The main idea I wanted to get across in this song is that love truly does conquer all when it’s all said and done!”

You hear that, Serenisis? We’re coming for you with a brand new song from Crafting The Conspiracy.

Crafting The Conspiracy’s new album The Cosmic Key II is out on August 28th via Innerstrength Records. Pre-orders are available  at Apple Music and Spotify HERE and on Bandcamp. Make sure to give the band a ‘Like” on Facebook. It’s the only way to truly stop Serenisis!

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