Mystery Horror Theater, Episode VII


Prepare your butts for tiny little chops of horror. It’s Mystery Horror Theater.

I’ve got a collection of shorts for you today that inexplicably ended up all being doors. Or portals. Or people walking through doors. Or asking to walk through doors or portals. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.


You’re likely familiar with Guillermo Del Toro’s film Mama, but have you ever seen the short of the same name that inspired it? If you answered no, you’re in luck. This little film from Andy And Barbara Muschietti won Del Tor over with its sense of child-like vulnerability, and the director himself describes it in the introduction as one of the scariest scenes he’s ever seen. That may be a bit hyperbolic, so I’ll just say that it does what it’s trying to do very effectively. Skip to 0:50 if you don’t want to hear Del Toro.

Behind the Door

This one’s all tension and plays off the sort of vulnerability you experience when those you love are threatened. I appreciate the way that director Baylea Hart builds off old vampire myths to create a modern take on the timeless horror. The child actors are pretty convincing, too!

The Door

I’ve included The Door in this selection because, despite the somewhat hokey effects, the inexplicable cosmic horror that suddenly befalls Suburbanite Sue seems straight of a Lovecraft book. If you enjoyed Thresher, I think you’ll dig this.

Bonus Round: The Black Hole

Not horror, but still spooky when you start thinking about the possibilities. Enjoy.

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