Solo ov the Week: 9-19-15



So, last week’s South American Riff ov the Week battle was a mighty success. There was a buttload of excellent choices in there, but in the end, Pagliacci Is Kvlt clowned (kill me) you all.

Next week:

  • Here’s an idea. All riffs next week must be from a demo or EP. Here’s the catch: if the song was included on a future full-length, it’s disqualified. Dig up some gems for us.
  • Send your demo/EP riffs to Include your name, a link to the song, the time of the riff, and an explanation.
  • If you have an idea for a theme, make it known.

Let’s get started on these solos.



Hail Bathory forever, the greatest band in history. 9:54



You will certainly listen to solos with more widdlies today. You will listen do solos with more diddlies. By god, you will hear solos with more skreeeeeee-woos. But what “Death by Trenchrot” lacks in technicality and wankery, it makes up for with sheer 80s throwback headbangability. 2:55.



When the solo starts at 3:32, it sounds like white-hot radiant heat emanating from the guitars before plunging into some noodling. That harmony makes my liver quiver.



Behold Abysmal Dawn: the best modern death metal band PERIOD! [lol. — Masterlord] In this triple solo attack from “Perfecting Slavery” guest Christian Muenzner gets his say in early, followed by Charles, but it’s Andy [lower left] who takes the gold medal at (3:35) with his gorgeous playing.


Emprah of Mankind

Starting at 3:44, we are led into an absolute madhouse of pentatonic fury, Andreas Kisser or Max Cavalera, whichever one of them did the solos on this, are just going absolutely balls out. Summoning the forces of sonic chaos (oh shit plz don’t tell those Inquisition dickheads), I feel like I just wanna go bash something or stab a Bloodthirster in the balls. And hell, I probably could with the right jams. Vote for me or be purged.



One of the many things I love about Marty Friedman’s Megadeth solos was that he totally embarrassed Dave whenever they’d duel. For my solo ov the week, I nominate Marty’s solos in this trade-off section. (In case you’re clueless, we have Dave picking the fight at 3:03, Marty dominating at 3:12, Dave losing at 3:32, Marty’s victory lap at 3:41, and Dave crawling away with his tail between his legs at 3:50). By the way, check out this ridiculous video; I bet it was Dave’s idea.

Brock Samson

Ihsahn doesn’t receive enough love in the toilet. Let me persuade your ear holes. Start at 3:59.


Ted Nü-Djent

Armored Saint‘s “Win Hands Down” would have to be my surprise packet of the year. Chock full of anthemic choruses and hooks that nestle into your brain, with the title track being no exception to what I just described. The solo is preceded by a jazzy interlude that comes out of left field that goes for about 40 seconds before before the solo kicks in proper at the 3:20 mark and clocks in at just under 1 minute long. This is everything a guitar solo should be.



This has long been one of my favorite solos, both tasty and tastful. If melting butter made a sound it would be this. 3:47.


365 Chaos Ridden Days

The melodic refrain makes this solo more captivating, probably one of the best solos in metal music, technical and fluid, no need to add anything else, we all know this song, music tastes are subjective but this is guitar wizardry. 3:09.



Not a big fan of a lot of death metal solos, but 3:31 to 4:01 hits the spot.



Beginning at about 2:53, guitar and keyboard take turns exchanging solos that pummel the listener right in the feels. Eventually, the two instruments join forces to deliver the song’s epic buildup, which culminates in an explosive finale. This is not wankery, nor is it playing a lot of notes for the sake of playing a lot of notes. These solos are calculated, purposeful, and memorable, and they actually contribute to the song (rather than just give the musicians a chance to show off). For me, it’s the little things that make this long-ass solo so awesome—for example, the strategic whammy-bar use at about 3:26 and the melody that begins at about 4:07 and ends at 4:12. When I think of awesome solos, this is the first song that pops into my head.






After the last edition of Solo Of The Week, where I submitted a subtle yet alluringly exotic solo from Nocternity’s latest album which only procured a handful of your votes I’ve decided to go the opposite route. Full-blown in-your-face off-the-wall bar dives and chromatic chaos, reminiscent of Kerry King back when he could play an atonal solo that served the song.
This Cruciamentum album has only been out for a couple of weeks but it’s already in the running for death metal album of the year in this Lizard’s book. Although this whole track rips and begins with a killer lead, the solo for submission starts at 4:00.

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