Sick Of It All – Self Important Shithead: A Video Breakdown


Eggplant emoji splashing sweat emoji

Sick Of It All are absolute hardcore legends. They’ve been cranking out the NYHC sound for over 30 years without every compromising and changing who they are and what they represent. That’s amazing for any band of any genre and what may be even more impressive is that they haven’t had a member change since 1992. Not many other bands can claim that in the age of session musicians, hired tour mates, and Motograter.

As is tradition with new releases (or new-ish in this case), there comes the music videos. SOIA are no strangers to this as their video for “Step Down” was famous for bringing various mosh and dance moves into homes across the world. What do they have in store for us now? Let’s break it down.


Today, we are all cringey unhappy face emoji.


This is New York. How was he not knocked down, trampled, stabbed in the kidney and told 10 different places to go to for the best pizza in the city?


I don’t really use emojis, but I’m sure I could find a reason to use the kissy-face cyclops poop emoji.


Did…did they give duck lips to a pile of shit?


Ah, there’s the New York I know!


It’s a drive-by straight-edging.


Sick Of It All’s album Wake The Sleeping Dragon! is out now.

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