Barafoetida – Here Comes The Raven: A Video Breakdown


That’s So Barafoetida.

‘Tis the time for spooky, scary skeletons and shivers running up your spine. Halloween is almost upon us. Now is the time for costumes, candy, horror movies, and alarming metal. Metal has no shortage of scary-sounding bands. We’re not going in that direction for this week’s video breakdown. We’re going a little more traditional in terms of Halloween music. We’re going goth.

Barafoetida is a three-piece goth rock band from Italy. That’s really all I know about them. Well, that and they have a camera and are near a wooded area. I apologize in advance for any times I may write “Barfoetida”. That is strictly a typo, I promise. Time to bust your your favorite black clothes, spark up a clove cigarette, and strap on your keytar. Let’s break it down.



Cosplaying Dad Squad, assemble!


“Oh! Sorry! I, uh, didn’t know anyone was in, uh…sorry. I’m just…I’m gonna go. My bad! Sorry.”


This is kind of like the troll that lives under the bridge and you have to answer his riddles to pass. Except all their questions are about Skinny Puppy.


The raven probably should have told him he’s standing in poison sumac.


In order to pass, you must comb the biscotti crumbs out of his mustache.


“You just walked into the wrong wildlife refuge, pal. The Audubon Society will hear about this.”


Submitted for approval of The Midnight Society.


B! That must stand for Barafoe…oh wait, it’s a W now. Hold on, now it’s an E. Now it’s an M?! Alright, now you’re just messing with us.


I just love that they picked the most beautiful day in a scenic area to film their ode to ravens.


Barafoetida’s EP Here Comes The Raven is available now via Bandcamp.

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