Under the Radar: Bands to Watch


I am the mighty Jack Bauer and I have access government assets that allow me to catch terrorists trying to slip under the radar. I’m also good at catching bands that try to slip under said radar. Let’s check out some of those bands

These guys just recently dropped their debut ep “A hymn of the Vicious Monster” via Xtreem music. I have really been digging this band and if I had to pick a comparison, it would be Gorod.

Their album “At First Light” was one of my top albums of 2013. They remind me a lot of Sylosis.

Eye of the enemy:
Since I discovered their debut album it has been on regular rotation on my playlist. They just released their second album this year but I haven’t yet decided which songs I like best. This song is one of my favorites from the debut. I absolutely love the 4:50 mark.

Another one of my favorites, these guys released an EP late last year. I get BTBAM vibes from them. The EP is name your price on bandcamp.

Seriously solid kinda-techy death metal. Also name your price on bandcamp.

Bloodshot Dawn:
I love this band. Dat solo. That is all. Album #2 should be dropping sometime this year.

Do you like Skyrim? Obviously you like metal. These guys combined the two and it’s great. Again, name your price on bandcamp.

Torrential Downpour:
This band is like a spastic melting pot of genres. I cannot emphasize enough how well their name fits the music.

I’m gonna throw a bit of hard rock your way to end this. So if you are one of those people who absolutely cannot stand clean vocals, stop here. This band was a band I liked to listen to on occasion. Then my girlfriend and I saw them live on their first U.S. tour with The Pretty Reckless and Heaven’s Basement and they absolutely stole the show. They haven’t left my playlist since.


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