New Music Roundup: Revocation, Godflesh, Anaal Nathrakh, Riwen


Yesterday brought us some pretty heavy jams.

Some of you working folk undoubtedly missed out on some of them. I’m here to get you up to speed. We all have differing tastes in music and widely varying enthusiasm for certain bands, but I can promise you all this: you will definitely enjoy 0-4 of these.

Deathless1. First up, Revocation. When Joe broke the news about the first single (“Deathless”) from their new album (also Deathless) way back when the site was still in diapers, a few of you said some shit. Some shit like: “Revocation sounds too fun for metal and I’m a total dork.” First of all, shut the hell up; fun is the tightest. Look, I like my lo-fi, nun-raping war metal as much as the next socially inept loser, but that doesn’t mean I can’t leave a little bit of room for a groovy-ass riff or a rowdy solo every once in a while. Second, even with that “opinion” of yours, you still might like “Madness Opus,” their brand new single. Here we see a real focus on the death facet of their signature death/thrash hybrid, and David Davidson follows suit with a huskier vocal approach. Grrrr. It rules. Stream it over at NoiseyDeathless drops on October 14. Order it here.


A World Lit Only by Fire2. A lot of you folks are eagerly awaiting the new Godflesh album. Some of you are already adjusting your year-end lists in anticipation of A World Lit Only By Fire‘s competition-crushing ability. For good reason, because what we’ve heard so far has been pretty killer. Time to start thinking about solidifying that tentative space on your Top Ten, because someplace called Fact Mag just premiered a new song called “Imperator” and it’s excellent. I can’t imagine that fans of Streetcleaner (ie, everyone ever) wouldn’t like what they hear here, but what do I know? This one is moodier than “New Dark Ages,” but don’t worry, “really fucking pissed off” is a mood. Stream it here, friends.


3Anaal Nathrakh, not to be confused with anal Nathrop, are poised to release their 8th album, Desideratum, on October 28th. Their first single, which we didn’t cover, was released a few weeks back. Check it:

Did you like that? Then you’re in luck, because Decibel or whatever just premiered a second song yesterday. It’s called “Monstrum In Animo,” and that sounds about right. Fans of the band/watchers of that video up there pretty much know what they’re in for with this one – a grindy spasm of shrill black metal with a healthy dose of industrial. Apparently, Metal Blade is calling Desideratum the “true spirit of necro.” I don’t know about that (also, who still says “necro?”), but I do like what I’ve heard so far. Nobody is doing what Anaal Nathrakh is doing. That alone should be enough reason to check this out. Stream “Monstrum In Animo” here.


4. This one comes to you from your good pal, W: “Johannes from Cult of Luna just released this snippet for his new project, Riwen. Sounds sludgy.”

Sludgy indeed.

What do you guys think of all this? On a scale of 0-4, how many of these did you like? Let us know!

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