Guys, are you sick of seeing these yet?

If so, I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news: You’re seeing another one right now. The good news: THIS IS THE LAST ONE EVER. Don’t miss your last chance to contribute. I and many others can affirm that it feels good to contribute to the toilet, assuming nothing excessively spicy was ingested the night previous.

We want to find the best unsigned band in the United States of America and shower them with more praise than they deserve. How will we decide? The same way we decide everything here in America: dirty, ungentlemanly competition. It’ll be a fight to the death. Like Hunger Games but with less whiny dystopian a-holes in stupid outfits (less, not necessarily none) and way more brutal, like the original foreign film it ripped off.

The problem is this: Before the battle royale, we need contestants. One from each state, to be exact. We STILL have a few states with no representative. Isn’t that a shame? Here they are:

  • Alabama
  • Delaware
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • South Dakota
  • Tennesee
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming
  • Hawaii

Readers from these fine (?) states: GET IT TOGETHER. Without your help, your beloved homelands are to be shoved forcefully into lockers without a chance of defending themselves. Is that what you want?

Submissions for any state are still being accepted but please focus on those 9 pathetic ones stated previously. Thanks to some of you, we’ve had some really great submissions, and we only need a few more before we pit them against one another in glorious combat. In case you forgot, here’s how it works:


  • If you want to nominate a band, leave a comment below with the band, the state, a place to listen to the music and WHY you think they’re the best band in the state.
  • If you want to submit your band, email us at In the subject line, include the state you hail from. In the body, give us a link to a place where we can stream your tunes.
  • Are you an unsigned band that plays some form of metal/punk/experimental? Submit! If you’re the only band on your buddy Todd’s record label, you can still submit. If your band sucks, don’t submit!


Having a hard time thinking of any more? Are you hitting a wall? Be water.

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