News And New Music Roundup: Coheed And Cambria, Warfather, Fuck The Facts And Many More!


Do you have time for music? Come on in!

Coheed And Cambria have not only premiered a new song but also have stated that this upcoming album, The Color Before The Sun, will be the band’s first studio album that shall not be a concept album. It will be released on October’s 9th day. I don’t know if I like it or not, but it reminds me of Rush even more than before, especially in the vocals.


On the 25th day of August will be released Desire Will Rot, the latest album of the Canadian technical, semi-experimental grindcore outfit Fuck the Facts. Should you find yourself wandering over to their Bandcamp page you can pre-order the album for the rather cheap price of $4 CAD.  You can also listen to “Solitude” below, ta new song from the new album.


It looks like we may not get new Cryptopsy music after all. The band failed to crowdfund their The Book of Suffering: Tome 1 EP by achieving only 46% of their goal. This is a pretty bad score for a band as big as Cryptopsy, and we should probably learn a lesson from this (I wish I knew what it was). You can’t help them anymore but maybe this motivational video will help you conquer the pain.


Soilwork have released the title song to their upcoming album, The Ride Majestic, out on August 28th through Nuclear Blast. Look – I like Melodeath, okay, but after The Predator’s Portrait they haven’t produced much of interest to me. Truth be told, even those three first albums never ended up on the regular playlist either. This was true until Sworn To A Great Divide brought a few better songs along; ironically this was also the first album to not include the revered songwriter Peter Wichers. The Living Infinite, the second album not to feature him, pretty much proved their best, and this new song seems to continue on this good path, so as far as I am concerned he never needs to come back.


Toilet favorites Black Fast have premiered a song! Not mind blowing, but in no way is it bad. It is to be listened through this link. August 7th is the day upon which Terms of Surrender will be released on eOne Music. Speaking of Black Fast, they are part of a pretty cool tour package that will also include such names as Revocation, Archspire, and Cannabis Corpse. Good for them.



In Other News

  • Orchid decided to start sucking big time.
  • Soulfly has matured from an angst-y pre-teen to an angst-y teen. The results are as follows.
  • For the first time in about six years, Zao has premiered new music.
  • A new song by Scale The Summit can be heard here.
  • Oy! Riverside released a new song – S.O.N.G.S might have been hit and miss, but “Discard Your Fears” recalls its better moments.
  • Fear Factory wants you to go see their upcoming tour which will feature the band playing Demanufacture in its entirety. See, even they know Genexus sucks ass. (dates)
  • On September 18th TessreracT will release Polaris through eOne Music and Kscope Music.
  • Wolfheart has unleashed a new video for “Aeon of Cold“.
  • Filip, the drummer of Crib45, has stepped down due to family reasons – if you are a drummer and live somewhere close enough you can apply to the post here:
  • I completely missed it, but apparently The Tea Party released a new album
  • The Monolith Deathcult has begun working on the follow-up to Bloodcvlts.
  • Veilburner have premiered a new song, Ever-relapsing Fever.
  • Nuclear Blast bands Epica and Eluveitie announced a tour.
  • We all know now that Steve Tucker is back in Morbid Angel, but did you know that as we speak his own band Warfather is entering the studio to record their sophomore full-length? No? Well now you do. You’re welcome.
  • Deftones has recorded (the vocals for) their new album.
  • Rock and Shock fest announced some bands. Come for Decapitated, stay for BLAZE YA DEAD HOMIE.


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