Flush It Friday: Tow Zone


It’s been a week, or so I’m told.

Look, I don’t know what happened but apparently 7 days have passed since the last time 7 days had passed. That means it’s time for your weekly open swim. There’s some saying about living like a shark or fish or whatever, if you don’t keep moving water across your gilled membranes you die. However, wobbegong sharks don’t seem to move much at all. So I reckon if you just aim your head into the prevailing current you’ll get enough oxygen exchange to survive alright. Maybe do that instead if you’re tired. I am. Here is some of that premo content you’ve scored for low low price of nothing this week courtesy of our selfless staff.

Spear premiered some melodeath goodness for us

Premiere: Archaic Decapitator – “Skyward”

We premiered some techy goodness for Spear

Premiere: Vale Of Pnath – ‘Accursed’

A man named Doyle who voluntarily spent time with Danzig is a moron, who could have guessed?

Toilet Radio 168: You Scumbags

You’ve got about 24 hours left to vote on this, don’t fuck it up

Album Art ov the Century Tournament: Round 3 – Pool B

Kit and I talked about all kinds of… things?

Riff-Raff Ep.10: That’s Not A Podcast, This Is A Podcast

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