Premiere: Cold Blooded – “No Hope, No Problem”


Get in here and treat yourself to a dose of some sludgy crust with a side of Obituary.

Spokane, Washington’s Cold Blooded are gearing up for the release of their debut album, Throneburner through Blackhouse Records on July 21st. The quartet is sure to make friends with folks who like a wide range of genres caked into their metal. Cold Blooded are adept at melding death metal, grind, crust and hardcore together to bring forth a sound that induces head-banging and the swinging of ligaments in the mosh pits. Throneburner also includes a series of ambient/noise interludes contributed by Fuck The Facts guitarist Topon Das that break-up the album while adding to the overall listening experience.

The track we’re premiering today titled “No Hope, No Problem”, will have you at hello with its whirling opening death metal riff which brings along a galloping stampede of double bass drumming and shredded-throat vocals for the ride. The track continues to blast and pound away before giving way to a doomy breakdown midway through. This section builds tension before it finally breaks into one final assault that tears down everything that it just built up. Listen below and hear for yourself:

Throneburner  drops on July 21st through Blackhouse Records. You can preorder the album right here. Connect with Cold Blooded on Facebook for tour dates and other info. If you want to hear another track,  you can head over to New Noise Magazine and check out the track “Forever War” right here.

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