Toilet Radio Toasts the Triumphant Return of Trevor Strnad


Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder makes his triumphant return and hoists his crown as the first ever return guest on Toilet Radio! Join as we talk about Nightbringers, the album that’s destroying all previous Metal Blade pre-order records. Stick around as we chat about Nintendo, MySpace, horror movies, shitty audiences, pay-to-play schemes, fat-shamers, beef jerky, hangovers, and much, much more. As the Italians say, “It’s-a-good-a episode!”

Music featured on this program:
The Black Dahlia Murder – “Matriarch” from Nightbringers (Facebook)(Preorder)
Come Back From The Dead – “Carnivorous Craving From Beyond” from Caro Data Vermibus (Facebook)(Preorder)

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