News Grind: Relapse Records Announces Nasum Reissues!


Last week, my wife and I were in a record store trawling through old vinyls when she turned to me and said, “W., I just can’t seem to find any satisfying grind that gives me that boost I need to get through my work week. What’s a girl to do?” I recommended that she listen to Nasum while she drinks her morning coffee. Alas, after hours of scouring the record shop, we left dejected and empty-handed, and my wife’s grindless days continue.

That conversation never actually happened, but I’m sure many of us have been there. The disbanding of Nasum in 2005 following the death of Mieszko Talarczyk at the hands of a murderous tsunami left a Sweden-shaped grindy hole in our collective grindy hearts. But fret not, fellow grindheads, for the grind overlords have heard our urgent pleas through grinding teeth and have given us an answer. This December, all four Nasum full-lengths will be available for purchase on vinyl. That’s right. You can once again grind your heart out to Inhale/Exhale, Human 2.0, Helvete, and Shift like there’s no tomorrow. Servants of the grind, rejoice!

Be sure to check out the Relapse Records store and make your pre-orders. These albums are sure to ship fast. With that, let us bask in the glorious grind of Nasum and pay tribute to their memory!

Grind count in this post: 12.

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