Riff Of The Week: Éire Edition


Irish riffs from Altar Of Plagues, ChapelFlames, Nazareth, ZOM, I’ll Eat Your Face, Killface, and Celtachor.

Last week we had a fairly meagre set of submissions for our S Edition. Perennial toilet faves Slugdge got their usual victory, but this time it coincided with our bud Matt coming down with the sickness. Everyone send your slimiest kisses to the Molluscan maniac as he recovers in hospice.

This week’s theme was riffs from Ireland
Here’s what you sent in…

ChapelFlames – “Inane Utterances From Stygian Voids” (Riff @ 0:00)

I have never heard of this band before looking them up for this contest. I am glad to have heard them. This is some fantastic stuff.

Zom – ‘Hordes from the Cursed Realms’ (Riff @ 0:06)

Haven’t listened to this album in a while, but this song and riff will forever be permanently etched on my brain from it’s sheer badassery. Vote or die!

Hail and Kill
Nazareth – “Hair of the Dog” (Riff @ 0:15)

Resisted the first thought of a Thin Lizzy riff. Went with the next thought. This riff is an absolute classic. You’ve all heard it, you all love it. The cow bell doesn’t hurt either.

Altar of Plagues – “Reflection Pulse Remains” (Riff @ 1:48)

There’s hundreds of bands from Ireland, and about five that I recognize. This isn’t some extremely heavy – or even fancy – riffage — just one which sets the mood quite perfectly. One cannot complain if this happens to be the final studio song we hear from this cool band.

I’ll Eat Your Face – ‘Rat Milk Moustache’ (Riff @ 1:34)

Came for the daft names, stayed for the awesome intrumental grindcore. A duo from Cork who unfortunately have hung it up but released a bunch of great songs that indeed will eat your face off. Best of all you can download everything for free from their bandcamp page.

Killface – ‘Miserable’ (Riff @ 0:00)

404 – short description not found.

Celtachor – ‘Tuiren’ (Riff @ 7:22)

Who said only the Greeks and Scandos could have dorky black metal based on their ancient mythological history?

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