Free Metal Detector: 50 Bands, 50 Trax, $0


Our boy Kunal from Transcending Obscurity Records has just dropped a HUGE sampler pack of killer shit for you to wrap your ears around ready for the coming year.

Normally on our Free Metal Detector posts we clue you in to some mad new shit from a benevolent band offering their wares for free, but today we’ve got a fucken treasure trove of tight tracks collated courtesy of the aforementioned artist afficiando for you to snavel. As we always say on here, the releases may be Name Your Price, but you are most certainly encouraged to throw them some coins for the trouble. Let’s face it, you’d probably just piss it up the wall on some other bullshit anyway.

Those of you who’ve been around the site for a while now will recognise a bunch of these bands from various premieres, reviews, and interviews we’ve posted over the past few years. However, there’s a heap of fresh dirt here to sift through and potentially unearth a new undiscovered gem. Rather than do a trayyysh track-by-track review x50, I’m just gonna give a run down of a few of the names that are immediately popping out of this titanic track-list.

Here’s what the recently retired Dubya had to say about Czech underground legends Master for our premiere last year –

“…a combat boot kick to the teeth, a throwback to the halcyon days of sweltering, Floridian nastiness, when death metal bands wrote riffs and sneered through meth-rotted teeth and stomped with swamp-ass-induced rage and spite. A time when you could lose yourself just headbanging to the new rage in a humid storage unit while a band whipped you into a pit-crushing frenzy with nothing more than the power of the riff.”

My podcast pal Leif sunk his claws into his fave Swedeath snack when he premiered Paganizer

Formed in 1998, Sweden’s Paganizerhave been around for almost two decades, a pretty remarkable feat by any standard, made even crazier by the fact that they’ve managed to do it in what has become one of the most over-stuffed sub-genres in metal: Swedeath. In recent years there has been quite the chainsaw guitar revival, a fresh new HM-2 wielding band popping up seemingly every five minutes. Though it’s wonderful that so many fresh faces are keeping the sound alive, nobody truly pulls it off quite like the Swedes themselves, and Paganizer show this to be true at every turn on their new album Land of Weeping Souls.”

Burial Hordes gave me a bit of a hawndawg a couple of years back with their demonic death approach –

Burial Hordes rip through some aggressive yet very deliberate riffing, replete with suitably cavernous vocals, and handy drumming throughout. Overall, the sound falls somewhere between that of their much vaunted countrymen Dead Congregation, and the dependable Imprecation.”

BW’s love of filthy Finndeath was satiated when we premiered Come Back From The Dead last year –

The goal of Come Back From The Dead is to swamp us in the twisted leads of the ancient Finnish scene in between crushing rhythms and grave-calling vocals, and this track certainly brings the twisted evil that you’d expect for the style.”

Dubya was all over the crusty death-grind of Henry Kane on his premiere

Pettersson is taking his panache for ghoulish snarls and ballsy bass in Wombbath and cranking everything up to 11. Perhaps most surprising to fans of the ‘Bath though is that Pettersson plays all of the instruments on Den Förstörda Människans Rike. So those unrepentant d-beats, gravelly chugs, and necrotic, HM-2-gluttonous riffs heard on our exclusive premiere, “En grav av ångest” are all Pettersson, baby.”

All-round good guy Sean from blackened thrash act Sarcoptes spoke with us back in 2016 and is dropping some new heat on the sampler aswell!

And I explained how Vahrzaw are the most dangerous fucking thing to inhabit this cursed red-rock (Australia) I dwell upon for our exclusive stream of their deadly album Husk from last year.

We’ve also given hails to Aussie gore-grunters Cryptivore, Grecian relics Death Courier, and many more. In short, grab this, you idiot. Don’t forget to say a big thank you to Kunal and give Transcending Obscurity a follow on the fuctbook.

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