Nightmarish Fast Food-themed Novelty Band of the Day: Mac Sabbath


Finally! Poisonous food and dinosaur metal come together.

The McDonalds corporation would likely disagree with my opinion that their food is literally poison, but I digress. Some things don’t make sense when paired at first, but like a point and click adventure game from the 90s, we must try every combination of every possible thing to see if we can create an essential item. Fortunately, a group of 4 folks from Southern California have made the improbable connection between the horrifying McDonalds mascots and the OGest of OG metal bands, Black Sabbath to create the nightmare-inducing Mac Sabbath.

Our esteemed editor W. found out about the band on Reddit yesterday (read: W. wears a fedora and often complains of being friendzoned). Given our love of bands that embrace the absurd, I had to share the band with you. Previously, the greatest thing McDonalds inspired was a classic Wesley Willis tune. Now we have Mac Sabbath covering legendary Black Sabbath tunes with macabre fast food lyrics. It is a good time to be alive.

Check out video of the band performing “Pair-a-buns” and get a real feel of the horror that is a hideously deformed bass-playing Grimmace. Also, the French Fry Kid robot is a nice touch.

The band just wrapped up brief 3-date tour of Northern California this weekend but hopefully they’ll be coming to a town near you soon. Go like Mac Sabbath on Facebook and tell ’em the Toilet says “Yo”.


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