Nachtblut – Lied Für die Götter: A Video Breakdown


Das kannst du deiner Oma erzählen.

Nachtblut is a gothic metal band from Germany. You could easily confuse them with the German black metal project named Nachtblut. Or the other Germany black metal band also named Nachtblut. Jeez, guys. “Nightblood” sounds all cool and spoopy, but maybe try something else. “Nachtbutt” was right there for the taking (or grabbing, pinching, or spanking per your interests and given consent). Even “Notbutt” would’ve been good. Oh, well. Hold on to your nactbutts for a new video from Nachtblut.


0:10: Through the fire and the grandpa guitars we carry on!
0:16 Missed opportunity not putting some marshmallows on the end of the guitar.
0:22: I am so ready for Nachtblut’s rendition of “Hot Cross Buns”.
0:29: All that’s missing is a mighty “Hail Dale!”
0:36: They’re all either in corpsepaint or just dove face-first into a pile of powdered donuts.
0:41: It’s a weird juxtaposition between the face paint and the black color of their torsos.
0:48: Like, why not just wear shirts or paint yourselves completely white?
0:54: The camera keeps autofocusing, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.
0:59: All I can think about is Dee bird jokes from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.
1:03: Here’s some good ones.
1:08: Mmmm that German language is really something.
1:14: Really just tickles your ear with its sweet sounds and violent gurgles.
1:21: If you told me that it was Mortiis fronting this band, I would doubt you for a second.
1:28: Take out the vocals and this could be a Nightwish song.
1:37: The fan is set to “80’s hair metal”.
1:47: We get it! You didn’t film the video with a good camera!
1:55: This is going to be one of those videos where absolutely nothing happens, isn’t it?
2:02: Having pieces of paper fly around doesn’t count as something happening.
2:05: Ja, ich bin sexy times.
2:13: Now I’m just invested in his lip ring getting caught in something and they have to call the fire department.
2:22: Feel free to use that idea for your next video, Nachtblut.
2:29: Quality usage of Fun Dip.
2:36: Maybe they’ll blow into that flute and some Pixy Stix dust will fly out.
2:39: Someone let the Nekro Wraither know about all this candy metal.
2:44: Good choice going with the Mango Habanero wings, bro.
2:55: The keyboardist has one move, but it’s a good one. I call it “Grim Steel”.
3:03: There’s an awful lack of blut in this video.
3:11: And I have to question if it is really nacht when they filmed it.
3:19: Worst mime ever.
3:28: Pop rocks!
3:34: “Try our new serrano lime wings. They’re to die f…owowowowowowowow!”
3:41: All those papers swirling around were used for better video ideas.
3:48: Cocaine!
3:55: Caw! Caw!
4:02: Used Arby’s wrappers would’ve been a better choice.
Nachtblut’s album Apostasie is out on October 13th via Napalm Records.

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