Official ToH PARTY HARD 2014 Playlist


Anyone who meets me in “Real Life” (aka meatspace) learns three things about me immediately; (1) I love metal, (2) I am a baby in a pumpkin costume, and (3) I love to party. Therefore, for the Toilet’s last post of the inaugural calendar year of our smelly and pitiful existence, I offer you a gift! This 2015 eve, delight your houseguests (or clear out the squares) with this official ToH PARTY HARD 2014 playlist, chock full of 2+ hours of head-bobbing, ass-shaking, booze-chugging jams from across the spectrum of heavy music! On this thing we’ve got thrash, stoner rock, black n’ roll, southern-fried metalcore, math rock, crusty punk, and even a couple folk metal tracks for zest!

Many thanks to the Toilet Ov Hell Facebook Group for their excellent suggestions; left to my own devices, I probably would have just put Blood Command‘s discography on here four times and called it good. So now, in the name of our party lord and savior Andrew W.K., let’s rage our way into 2015! (That’s MMXV for you brvtal kids in the hovse.) Party on, Garths!


(Photo via Steve Gerrard)

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