Radio Toilet ov Hell Episode 4: The Vince Neil is a Bad Person Edition


In this week’s edition of Radio Toilet ov Hell, Joe and Randall talk about noted shitshow Vince Neil getting in a fight with King of All Actors, Nic Cage. Also, join us for jams from Cryptic Hymn, Paagtheaan, Imperial Triumphant, and Mammoth Grinder.

Music featured in this program:

Cryptic Hymn – “Garden of Flesh” from their debut EP Gateways (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Paagtheaan – “Unseen Temporal Currents” (Facebook)
Imperial Triumphant – “Kaleidoscopic Orgies” from their upcoming Inceste EP (Preorder)(Facebook)
Mammoth Grinder – “Pulverizer” from their 12″ split with Hatred Surge (Facebook)(Bandcamp)

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