OPEN SWIM: MLK Day 2016 Edition


Last year in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., the man J. Edgar Hoover knew fondly as “the most notorious liar in the world”, we held an open swim wherein we encouraged you to share with us your favorite bands that help show that metal is not a “whites only” club. Bring us your Asian Sensations, your Hispanic Fantastics, your Native Creatives, and your African Ass-Kickers.

This is the only post we’ll run today, so let’s spend it honoring the legacy of a dude who was seen as such a threat to the United States government that they tried to blackmail him into committing suicide.

“I have a dream, that someday little black boys and little black girls can join hands with little white boys and little white girls, and run hand in hand to their local music store, buy drums and guitars, and shred together in unity and harmony.”
– Martin Luther King Jr., probably idk lol

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