Popular Band’s Twitter Briefly Hacked By Unpopular Man


In news that has shaken the metal blogging community to its very foundation, the Twitter feed of a popular band was temporarily compromised by a man with poor priorities.

Working feverishly for many lonely hours, the culprit managed to gain control of something for the first time in many long years. In the roughly 10 minutes that the account was hacked, the perpetrator was able to write down his name and create 2 to 3 tweets containing bad words.

Outraged metal fans the world over have called the events: “A complete non-story” and “Dumb as hell, son.”

As of press time, the affected band had reached Number 32 on the Billboard 200. Also as of press time, the perpetrator was reportedly napping; exhausted after pleasuring himself to a children’s cartoon about horses.

We will be bring you the latest in this story as it develops.

In completely unrelated news, San Francisco Powerviolence crew Punch has a new record coming out August 19th. They Don’t Have To Believe is available for preorder now through Deathwish. Their first single from the new album “Worth More Than Your Opinion” is below.

The track is, in this humble reporter’s opinion, pretty dope.


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