Premiere: Aethereus – “Writhe”


We’re bringing the tech early this week with a new tune from Aethereus.

Absentia is an album that, quite frankly, we are lucky to be getting. The passing of a band member is very difficult and has put an end to more than a few acts over the years, big and small. Aethereus instead soldiered on, and their grief became the inspiration for their music. Coming from such a personal place, it shouldn’t be surprising that the music is intense. “Writhe,” the song we bring you today, is one of the album’s heavier tracks. Give it a listen:

Aethereus’ previous output could best be characterized as a more straightforward and aggressive offshoot of the Obscura strain of tech death, merging speed and instrumental mastery with catchy melody and colorful harmonic tension. You can hear that in play on Absentia as well in “Cascades of Light,” but today’s song sees them branching out into some new territory. “Writhe” is much less frantic, a mid-tempo headbanger that trades between intricate counterpoint melodies and dripping dissonant chords. That aforementioned tension is ramped way up here, only giving way near the end after some gloriously chunky riffing and a beautiful solo. Slugdge fans in particular are going to find a lot to like with “Writhe,” but between the song’s fluid motion and melodic sensibilities, this should be an easy sell for anyone.


Absentia comes out on August 10th via The Artisan Era. Be sure to follow Aethereus on Facebook as well.

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