Premiere: Witchgöat – “Emanations From The Underworld”


Black thrashing madness from El Salvador!

Anyone who has followed our site for a while will know we’ve pointed out just how many bands have “witch” in their name. Some writers have even been so zealous as to propose a moratorium be placed on using the word in band names. Similarly, those very same writers have proposed the very same thing be done about the abundance of bands with the word “goat” appearing in their name. Others have made wild accusations that any band who formed after Motörhead featuring an umlaut in their name are trying wayyy too hard. Deströyer 666, Queensrÿche, Bölzer, every NSBM band ever, Kings Of Lëon, Mötley fücking Crüe, you get the point. Well today, Witchgöat are here to prove that rules are fucking dumb and we’re all massively wrong.

How do they completely destroy our argument(s)? With some of the finest no-fucks-given black thrash you’ll hear all year. Blustery riffing which recalls the glory of the early 90’s scene is complimented by the reverberating rasped vocals, and set atop frisky drum-work. However, the standout for me on this demo are the skilfully woven leads, which shred as many waves as strings courtesy of some gnarly surf-sounding scales and tones. Really fucking cool stuff. The final track has some fairly intricate clean guitars which remind me of the way fellow South American thrashers Hellish bring dynamic to what can otherwise be a fairly one-dimensional sub-genre. If you dig Invincible Force, Vulcano, or even Euro stuff in the vein of Desaster etc. make sure to pick this up.

Here’s what the band have to say regarding the song:

“The lyric of this song reflects our indisputable conviction to keep creating metal efforts exhumed from any egocentric bullshit that is present in our local scene, unleashing these efforts from the shadows and always praising the dark evocations as the driving force for our personal development.”

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