Flush It Friday: New Year, New Toilet


Or, really, same Toilet, but you get the point.

It’s 2024, y’all. How about it! On December 31, I ate lunch at a great local pizza joint that forever shuttered its doors on January 1, made it to House Party #1 at 8, left for House Party #2 by 10:15, and was home by 1:15 to roll around on the floor with my pup, hoping to make up for his night spent cowering at all the fireworks, some of which we were shooting off a mere 2 miles away which I’m sure, with those beagle ears, he heard as if they were in our very apartment we share together. It was a lovely evening spent not overly intoxicated with a lot of folks who made my 2023 not only manageable or survivable but downright joyful in spite of it all. Part of me desperately wanted to stay at home, watch the Packers cream that joke of a team in Minnesota, and have a different kind of NYE, but it felt disingenuous–if that’s the right word, maybe we’ll call it inappropriate–to say to people I love and invited me into their homes, “No, thank you.” What a better way to close 2023 and welcome 2024 (if you believe in calendars, that is) than with those kind of folks?

Then comes New Year’s Day, January 1, and all its rituals and intention-settings and resolutions. Of course we ate black eyed peas with collard greens. Of course we ate twelve grapes. Of course we didn’t clean. You know what some of us did, though? What some of us did only after finding out earlier in the month that this is one of those January 1 intention-setting rituals? Wear a brand new pair of undies in a colour corresponding to a particular wish or intention for the year. What fun! What a lark! What a delightful way to discuss everyone’s unmentionables without the conversation turning all ruddy and sexy. There I was, in Vineyard Vines on December 28, explaining to the woman ringing up my order why I was buying a pair of white undies with blue stripes. (White is for peace, joy, and happiness while Blue invokes good health.) I coulda picked Yellow for prosperity or Green for good luck or Red for romance or Pink for sexy times or Orange for professional success, but I thought, given the admittedly limited options at Vineyard Vines, that peace and joy and happiness with some good health running through it all seemed like the way to go. Who doesn’t want all that good stuff?

Ultimately, I just wanted to tell y’all about my panties. But what are some of your resolutions? What are your intentions? What are you looking forward to in 2024? We already know that Willowtip Records is set to have an incredible year of releases and re-releases. We already know that Transcending Obscurity is going to continue its hot streak. What other labels are primed to make big splashes in our scene? What bands are looking forward to hearing or even seeing live in 2024? Excited about new books? (Percival Everett has one coming out that should be great!) What about any flicks or TV shows? What about non-media related things? Got any dope trips planned? Got any cool job stuff on the horizon? Any personal revelations or big news coming up? I want to hear all about it–as well as your underwear–down below!

But, wait! Don’t pull up those delicates just yet. It might’ve been a short week, but we still gotta flush.

Joe ‘n Jordan did their thing, celebrating 10 years of the Toilet and KoRn’s millions of dollars in government bailout money, among other things:

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Iron Goddess of Mercy Me Oh My debuted the latest single from Saevus Finis, and the comment section went nuts!

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Aaron sang the praises of the latest from Full of Hell and Nothing:

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There we go! Tell us all about your NYE and New Year’s Day and your resolutions and your hopes and dreams and also those Goodz, Badz, and Ugliez, in the comments below!

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