Premiere: Depopulation Department – “Wounds of War”


Today we’re listening to goregrind-turned-crust and learning about General Sherman for some reason.

As General William Tecumseh Sherman said some time after razing Georgia to the fucking ground, “War is hell.” It was meant as an admonition to a rapt audience of young soldiers, eager to use their newly acquired skills for warfare against a similarly trained enemy. Having presided over the rape, murder, and total desecration of a slave state, he wasn’t yet so hardened to see a totally noble cause when, as he also noted, “War is cruelty; and you cannot refine it.” From the saber rattling rhetoric of soft-bellied politicians to the drunken moans of disliked middle-aged relatives, it’s apparent that those most ready for war are those that will never experience its cruelties for themselves. But don’t just take my word for it. Or the words of a long-dead Union General. You could just listen to Depopulation Department.

Spain’s long-running, egregiously blood-soaked goregrind crew Haemorrahage have reformulated and added Lucky from Avulsed to create something that’s a little less akin to Carcass and a lot more like Discharge. Depopulation Department eschews Haemorrahage’s fantastic depictions of violence and focuses solely on the real-life terror of bloodshed. At the first of the year, Depopulation Department unleashed “Justice for Sota,” a track named after a dog murdered by a trigger-happy cop. For their first EP, the band is taking on the entire military industrial complex. “Wounds of War” supplies our first taste of Life Kills. Fortunately for you, you get to listen to it for the first time right here, right now.

If you dug that you can get a whole lot more when Life Kills drops September 27th via Spikerot Records. Preorder a physical here or spin it on Bandcamp.

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