Premiere: Bionatops – ‘The Great Pancake Massacre of 1957’


Delicious, but deadly.

My dearest love,

I write to you today to update you on the war. Our regiment recently caught an entire platoon of pancakes unaware. Under the cover of darkness, we snuck ’round their camp, the air thick with butter. We waited until they gorged themselves on whipped cream and strawberries. The crash from their sugary banquet left them slow and lethargic. General Ulysses Thrashnkill let out a defiant “BOFA!” as we descended upon the breakfast abominations. The ground was soaked in syrup, that day. None were left standing. History books will remember The Great Pancake Massacre of 1957. I hope to see you soon.


Sgt. Winfield Horror

P.S. Don’t touch my stuff.

Okay, so maybe that isn’t exactly what spazzy prog weirdos Bionatops had in mind with their new song, but you can listen for yourself and judge. Featuring Joseph Spiller (ex-System Divide, Too Late The Hero) on vocals, guitar, and bass and Jeff Willet (Black Crown Initiate) on drums, the band bobs and weaves between quirky and diabolical. Their new album Voices is like a wink and an evil grin that slowly morphs into a grimace.

Today, we’re happy to premiere the band’s song ‘The Great Pancake Massacre of 1957’. It’s a groovy banger that slowly creeps up your spine and lays eggs in your brains. Those eggs would probably go well with the massacred pancakes and some hash browns. If you dig Tomahawk, Faith No More, or really anything Mike Patton does, you’ll love this song.

In regards to the song, the band says –

“When that AM hankering comes a callin, sometimes you make bad choices. This is a song about that… sorta. This would be our narrator through the journey that is ‘Voices’ recalling his first hand account of an event that happened at least 30 to 50 year before he was born and having a great time. I can’t listen back to this song without cautiously craving delicious pancakes and other breakfast delights.”

See? I was kinda, sorta, a little on the right track.

drops on September 22nd via Nefarious Industries and check out another song from the album here.

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