PREMIERE: Coffin Lurker – Suspended Animation


If you’ve been itching for some very harsh noisy doom metal then we’ve got your fix right here.

Coffin Lurker is a Dutch duo comprised of Maurice de Jong of Gnaw their Tongues fame, and Rene Aquarius, known for work in groups like Cryptae and Dead Neanderthals. The debut LP Foul and Defiled is harsh and extreme, and also sounds like it was recorded in a cave, which overall leads to a muffled but oppressive and heavy atmosphere.

To give you a taste, we’ve got their track “Suspended Animation” ready to premiere for you. The catacomb-like atmosphere mixed with the primitive and harsh instrumentation is a good primer for the feel of this LP. The piano at the end is a highlight for me, as it really adds to the unsettling and cavernous atmosphere of the track. Definitely something for fans of Primitive Man to check out, and with just 5 tracks, it’s unlikely to overstay its welcome.

If you dig this track you’ll definitely dig the rest of the LP. Foul and Defiled comes out June 7 through Sentient Ruin. You can pick it up either here or here.

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