Flush it Friday: Zea Kvkvmberz


Imagine: you’ve had an awful day, and you’re just trying to get some groceries so you can make yourself a nice dinner. You’ve been waiting patiently in line to move your produce through checkout when suddenly, a wild old person appears, cutting you off, pretending they don’t see you. Imagine not seething and thinking of a cool comeback 4 hours later, but rather being a sea cucumber and literally shooting your organs out your ass to scare the elderly line-cutter. Now that is how you establish dominance. This process, known as evisceration (autotomy, or self-amputation) is defined in scientific terms as heqqin’ based. These cukes put the “pro” in prolapse!

Somehow less butt-flustered than your average black metal nerd.

Speaking of butts, there’s been some hot content dropped in the Bowl this week. Let’s see what that’s all about!

SomeBODY once told me Swampborn was gonna roll me, for this premiere I will give Hans cred:

Track Premiere: Swampborn – Aspiration a l’Absolu

TheoBomb with the Sensory Amusia premiere. It’ll amusia!

Track Premiere: Sensory Amusia – “Breed Death”

A Spooky Mansion. Satan. Review:

Review: Satan – Earth Infernal

Diminutive delights for discerning dingleberries:

Mini Reviews From Around the Bowl (5/26/22)

Have you seen a sea cucumber irl? Tell me more alongside your G/B/Us, even if you say “yes” and it’s a lie. ~<3 Roldy

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