Premiere: Critical Defiance – “Helpless World”


Come get a taste of chilled Chilean prog thrash.

Just a few weeks ago my “For You” tab on Bandcamp told me that Critical Defiance, one of Chile’s finest thrash bands, had a new album coming out soon. I listened to approximately 15 seconds of lead single “44 Minds”, immediately stabbed “pre-order now” on that motherfucker, and used “.44 Minds” as the closer on an episode of Toilet Radio. Little did I know that Unspeakable Axe, one of my favorite metal labels on Earth, would send over the full album just days later. Folks… it’s good. Why, it’s Branson Good. “Helpless World” is an appropriate sample of what awaits you on the full-length album. You’ll get some all-out, breakneck thrash that threatens to come clattering apart at any moment but you’ll also get melodic sequences that branch off and sidequest before bringing the whole thing home for a leveled-up onslaught. But don’t just take my word for it, take a listen right now:

Per Critical Defiance, “Helpless World is the 3rd track of the album, and it deals with the subject of frustration, anger and the need to overcome those feelings. It was the first song we worked on for the new album and it was the kickstart we needed for doing something different to what we did on our previous album No Life Forms.”

The Search Won’t Fall… drops March 22nd. You can pre-order The Search Won’t Fall… over at the Unspeakable Axe Bandcamp page.

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