Premiere: Dark Waters End – “Immortal Consciousness”


The deep ocean is a terrifying place, and Dark Waters End channel its essence into some truly nasty prog death.

Dark Waters End’s nautical imagery isn’t just for show. Though their lyrics cover a variety of subjects, their music is as dark and heavy as the deep sea, punctuated by sudden moments of arcane beauty. While they are ostensibly a progressive death metal band, they draw a lot of inspiration from the world of mathcore. Imagine The Faceless delivered with the vitriol and intensity of Converge and you’ll be in the right ballpark. It’s big and ambitious, but it stays earthbound (er, seabound) by putting the songs front and center; though they morph and swirl about, it feels intentional and directed.

“Immortal Consciousness” is an adventure in and of itself, its coiling, mysterious opening melody building and building into gargantuan syncopated chords. Everything abruptly cuts away after a short while, returning with a ponderous, molten riff and a brief twisting solo. A short breakdown lays the foundation for some speedy, mosh-worthy riffing that runs until its monstrous closing notes. Polished as it may sound, its spirit is as primal and violent as the band’s namesake.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Hit play and succumb to the pressure.

Submersion comes out on October 7th; pick up a copy here, and check out a couple other tunes from them here and here. Show Dark Waters End some Facebook appreciation while you’re at it.

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