Thor Chews Copenhagen


As some of you might know, I’m a backwoods hillbilly from a podunk chicken-fucker town in the Ozarks, and therefore love me some bluegrass and folk. While metal gives me the energy to persevere through those shitty mornings without enough coffee, banjos and fiddles give me the desire to smile at the sun and thank it for coming around every day. As some of you probably don’t know because I’ve never talked about it, Amon Amarth is one of my favorite metal bands. Specifically because of the album Twilight of the Thunder God. In all honesty, this is the only AA album that I’ve heard, and I’ve listened to it on repeat for six years because I adore it so much. This is also the only album that I need in order to know that these fucks know how to play rad music. [W.: DO NOT skip With Oden on Our Side!]

There have been a few combinations of Appalachian folk instrumentations and metulz, almost all of which miss some kind of point. Some toss in a banjo pluck here or there, but don’t really bring much to the table. Other bands will play songs on these instruments even though it makes absolutely no sense to do so (i.e. the Enslamitized Moshectomy release in 2015). And I’m sure we’re all aware of the uber badass that covered Slayer on banjo, but even still, that is of a different topic. However, once every Harvest Moon, a troop of brave warriors will embark upon a quest to decimate all which stands before them with their usage of incredibly catchy tunage.

This day is upon you (well, it was a few years ago when this was released, so fuck you), men and women of the almighty Toilet. I can’t quite put into words how I feel about this. The thoughts escape me, as this is truly a bountiful harvest. I present to you the bluegrass/folk cover of Amon Amarth by Swedish bluegrass bros Slaughter of the Bluegrass.

Not only is this really well done, it has that “bunch of vikings singing and getting shit-hammer wasted after murdering a bunch of people” vibe. I could not find much out about the band. All I know is that they are yet to release a full album, but they seem to have been inactive for a couple years. Have you abandoned us, you beautiful Norse masters? If you are reading this, I bring offerings of collard greens and lutefisk in return for a cover of “Choking on Bile”. Whatever the case may be, give these geniuses the attention that they absolutely deserve. Be happy; listen to Amon Amarth; listen to hillbilly shit.

And for the buttlickers that enjoy songs that aren’t only about battles and our favorite axe-wielding brutes, these Swedes have also covered In Flames, At the Gates, and Dark Tranquility. Here’s a little something extra because I love you.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there is a genuine Facebook page for these bros, so go give their youtube videos some views!

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