Premiere: Dead Is Dead – “Earth As It’s Slowly Consumed By The Sun”


If you’re a fan of Neurosis, Isis, or old Baroness, make sure you check out this monumental premiere from Dead Is Dead.

Not gonna lie, sludge is one of those peripheral sub-genres for me. Often seen mingling its way into the broader realms of doom and the many shades of stoner & psych, sludge’s influence tends to be overlooked by many. This is something I’m certainly guilty of. Even though it’s not something I actively seek out, when it presents itself I invariably find myself quickly sinking into its viscid morass. Admittedly, when first reading the name Dead Is Dead there was a knowing nod to self, wrongly assuming this was going to be some kind of ignant knuckle-dragging hardcore. And while the trio’s pounding aggression certainly packs a punch, ignorant it is not. Over the course of its 9 minute run-time, album finalé “Earth As It’s Slowly Consumed By The Sun” progresses through as broad a soundscape as some contemporaries take full albums to traverse.

Ephemeral clean passages do little to soothe the abrasive angst-laden ire of their distorted counterparts. With barely a recurrent riff to be found, each minute harbours a mood of its own. From forlorn chordal marches similar to those on Adrift For Dayslatest opus, to big beastly Baroness riffs of olde, “Earth As It’s Slowly Consumed By The Sun” brings all the nuance of proggy post-metal and smashes it together with huge heavy hooks that suck you in like quicksand. There’s even a reverberating bass/drum break mid-way through the track that will please fans of Russian Circles. Hit play below and get sucked in to this massive gravitational well.

‘Constraints Of Time’ releases on September 22nd. Pre-order in physical form as an extremely limited “transparent beer” color vinyl (edition of 100) here:

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