Slipknot – Killpop: A Video Breakdown


Pop goes the Slipknot cause the Slipknot goes pop.

No, Slipknot didn’t release a new album when you weren’t looking. The song “Killpop” appears on their latest album .5: The Gray Chapter aka the album with the zazzy skeleton. Why are they releasing a new video for an album that was released eight months ago? Money? America? Abuse their new members? Anything to prevent another To My Surprise album from being made?

Whatever the reason may be, strap on your jumpsuit, put on your favorite bdsm mask, and prepare a keg for repeated beatings.


0:02: Typical Sunday morning in Des Moines.
0:09: Can’t tell if racist or just a lover of black and white cookies.
0:14: Lovely Wicked Witch of the West socks, Mr. Crahan.
0:20: Ugh, mimes. Just keep staring straight ahead and ignore them.
0:24: In L.A., that room would go for $2500 a month.
0:29: Corey Taylor’s mask was just a leftover from the Bad Grandpa set.
0:34: Dear diary: Jacknot!
0:38: I think I’ll take the elevator instead.
0:40: Yup, there’s your problem: mold. Going to have to spray.
0:46: So when do we get the creepy “1, 2 Freddy’s coming for you” music?
0:50: Sir, you are grooving way too much for this song. Please stop.
0:54: I wonder if Clown has to practice this song with the rest of the band. Does he have to rub the drum just right or is there room for improvisation?
0:58: Seven is a great name for a kid. “It’s a beautiful name for a boy or a girl.”
1:01: Still more entertaining than watching Dirty Little Rabbits.
1:06: “Yeah dude, just stay up there a while. No, we’ll totally get you before you leave.”
1:11: Nice try, Slipknot. Metal yoga already exists.
1:18: Well that was unnecessary. They’ll never get the deposit back now.
1:23: He has the keg and a bat. This is my Graceland.
1:27: Abstinence-only sex education just doesn’t work!
1:33: Weeeeeeeeeeeee!
1:41: “Hey, are you shooting this? No? Okay, good.”
1:47: That’s what happens when you eat too much funnel cake and go on the Gravitron.
1:50: That is some awesome frenetic dancing. You can be in an In This Moment video with those moves.
1:57: Oh, now they have a drum set?
1:59: A drum set complete with a conniption fit.
2:04: No one puts weird face-painted girls in the corner!
2:09: I hope she has all of her shots.
2:17: Bad touch!
2:24: New goat taste, same Slipknot sound.
2:35: “Okay, ladies just spin around a lot. Nope, nothing else. Just spin.”
2:43: You’ll never make the Blue Jays with that swing. Maybe the Phillies.
2:49: Okay, maybe the Red Sox now.
2:58: Uh, Corey? You’ve got a little something on your face…ah, nevermind.
3:01: Rockstars. Just throwing around their instruments like they’ve got liquor store deposits to burn.
3:05: Slipknot: Taking Jazzercise to strange new places.
3:11: Holy shit, she’s a Spiderman!
3:16: Oh, there are rungs. That makes sense. Making them into Spidermans would be ridiculous. Still…
3:22: It’s like that drum is his binky or something.
3:31: I’m not sure what’s happening, but I’ll guess that it was really the CIA setting her up the entire time.
3:36: Hey, Clown. You can’t just throw that drum around like it’s a keg.
3:45: I wonder if Slipknot ever talks with their old Ozzfest buddies Pushmonkey and Flashpoint.
3:48: The goat would keep in contact. Just check in and see how they were doing. Wish ’em a happy birthday on Facebook. That sort of thing.
3:55: “Mmmm I love you wall. You’re the only one that gets me.”

Was it worth the eight month gap between release of the album and release of the video? Did you see the baseball bat and keg? I think you have your answer.

Slipknot’s album .5: The Gray Chapter is available now via Roadrunner Records.

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