Motionless In White – Loud (Fuck It): A Video Breakdown


Fuck fuckity fuck fuck.

The announcement for Warped Tour’s lineup is just around the corner. I know most reading this aren’t exactly on the edge of their seat. In recent years, Warped Tour has shifted away from it’s punk rock roots to a more contemporary lineup. I don’t blame them. It’s the kids that spend the money so you might as well cater to them. There are some rumors going around this year, though, that might make some older fans happy. While unconfirmed, there is talk that Bad Religion, Lagwagon, Hatebreed and Gwar may be taking part this year. Tempting. Then again, Emmure is also rumored to be playing, so y’know, win some, lose some.

Motionless In White actually got their big break playing on Warped Tour. The Scranton, Pennsylvania natives caught the attention of Sawn Miike from Alesana and were eventually signed to Fearless Records. Now on Roadrunner Records, the nu-metalcore band recently released their fourth album, Graveyard Shift. That’s a humble beginnings story. I can’t recall ever listening to the band. It probably had something to do with their image. Was judging a book by its cover the right thing to do? Let’s find out together.

0:03: Nice to see Kat Von D still getting work.
0:07: If Kid Rock shows up, I’m going to be very upset.
0:13: I didn’t know Dope changed their name to Motionless In White.
0:16: That should be a white flag she’s waving.
0:22: Tony Hawk: Sad face Emoticon edition.
0:30: Instead of an empty warehouse, they decided to shoot the video in an empty skate park.
0:38: Nice rhinestone jacket.
0:43: Disco Motionless In White doesn’t advertise.
0:59: Every member of this band has a different gimmick and they’re all terrible.
1:06: He had the same haircut as an Oi! girl at a Dropkick Murphys show.
1:09: Hey, it’s Davey Suicide!
1:16: Angstcore.
1:25: I wonder where he gets his lipstick. Sephora? Sally’s?
1:31: Those studs on the side of his head help him phone home.
1:35: Or maybe they keep his brain from falling out.
1:46: This is the anthem for every kid that needs a ride to the mall on a Friday night.
1:54: All will be forgiven if someone collects S-K-A-T-E letters in this video.
2:00: Aw, he got Gushers juice all over his nice shirt.
2:05: Mom is going to be mad.
2:11: I really hope this doesn’t become a trendy look.
2:17: Although it would be helpful to know who deserves a wedgie the most.
2:36: The nu-metal revival is alive and twitching on the floor.
2:47: Falling in nu-metal love is hard on the knees.
2:53: Great, now light the rest of him on fire.
3:03: I pretty much feel the same way.
3:08: Music critics also give this song one finger up.
3:17: This video has a Moonspell aesthetic, but without the grace, charm, creativity, or years of built-up goodwill.
3:25: Warning: Copious amounts of the fuck-word.
3:36: It turns out that judging a book by its cover is a-okay in this case.
Motionless In White’s album Graveyard Shift (which may or may not be about the Stephen King story/movie) is out now via Roadrunner Records.

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