I Think You Should Watch I Think You Should Leave


Most things on Netflix are terrible. This is not one of them.

Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t recommend a new Netflix original to me. Another true crime series? No thanks, we’re still generating too many new horrific murders to dramatize some old shit too. A new “blockbuster” feature-length? Which one, the orc cop movie or the Sandra Bullock B-movie schlock? Maybe a washed-up, newly anti-PC comedian’s new special? Or, god forbid, some now-totally retconned Marvel comic book series? I don’t wanna watch any of this junk. Please stop suggesting it to me.

I got Netflix many years ago, like most of you, by stealing the login from a former roommate. I used the service to needlessly rewatch King of the Hill, Bob’s Burgers, and the three good Adam Sandler movies (Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, and Little Nicky). In the years since, Netflix has booted all of these properties in favor of creating a bunch of original programming I don’t watch and spending $118 million on fucking Friends which I also do not watch.

But no longer shall ye compulsively scroll through the app looking for something appealing that will never appear, like a Leslie Neilson movie or Sanford & Son, because I Think You Should Leave exists and is available for your streaming pleasure right now.

I Think You Should Leave was co-created and stars Tim Robinson, a comedian with that seems somewhat familiar with his everyman charisma, kinda like a guy you almost remember talking with at a party years ago. Over the course of six episodes, Robinson and his costars have seemingly free reign to do whatever the fuck they want. And what they want to do is perform some wild ass sketch comedy.

In six roughly 18-minute episodes, the ITYSL gang threatens babies with violence, travels back in time to enlist Scrooge in a future skeleton war, attempts failson charades, and performs a few shockingly good original tunes like the bones-as-currency murder ballad and the touching funeral solo “Friday Night“. It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen on Netflix since British sketch comedy show That Mitchell And Webb Look (which they booted off the platform to give more money to The Goddamn Office).

I don’t want to spoil a moment of this program so I will simply ask that you steal a Netflix login from an old roommate and watch the entire 6-episode run in one sitting. Then report back to me here and we can gush over how fucking great and original I Think You Should Leave is. Then go marry your mother in law.

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