Track Premiere: Notturno – “Falling”

Notturno stands on a coastline at dusk.

Notturno is here with a hefty dose of Ophelian rage on their debut album, Obsessions. The brainchild of Italian multi-instrumentalist Vittorio Sabelli, Notturno leverages a spare, chamber-music style and vocalist Kjiel’s plaintive shrieks to create an immersive experience of profound sadness. Today, we’re hosting an exclusive debut of the closing track on Obsessions, “Falling.”

“Falling,” like the rest of Obsessions, is a delicate, deliberate work. The album’s staid pace and flourishes of acoustic instrumentation add to its overall Gothic feel—the record’s pacing also lends the three-song LP a certain doominess. Kjiel weaves her spell here in everything from breathy whispers to a petrifying shriek. As we waltz through “Falling,” her eerie vocals echo off the high walls. It’s an enrapturing dance with death that runs just shy of 15 minutes and winds down with a chilling final chime. Both enjoyers of trad doom and second-wave worshippers should find something to love in this baroque serving of Italian darkness.

Says songwriter Sabelli:

“Falling” is the first song revealed from the debut album of Notturno, titled Obsessions.

[It is] a song that embodies the sweetness of the pain, loneliness and melancholy that accompanies us throughout our lives day and night, an intimate trip among the ghosts real and hidden inside every one of us, ghosts we will always have to confront.
The continuous struggle to climb over these insurmountable walls is expressed in “Falling” in a combination of chamber music and atmospheric black metal that wriggles between reflections and anger, masterfully interpreted by [vocalist] Kjiel. An intimate journey that puts us in a relationship with our “invisible” enemies at all times, who sometimes defeat us, but very often we fight…

Listen and weep below.

Obsessions debuts on Bandcamp and in digipak format via Hypnotic Dirge Records on April 29. 

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