Riff-Raff Podcast: Ep.19 21st Century Hedgehog Man


This week we’re talking new music from Abyssal, Ripped To Shreds, Lurid Panacea, Pulver, Zaum, and Sol Sistere, along with problematic noodles, banning train shitposters, doom mediation clinics, echidna orgies, Idiocratic rule, jumpers vs sweatshirts, History Channel alien pyramid bullshit, and I learn some more rudimentary baseball stuff. We also talk about that fucken Sonic movie.

Last week we voiced our digust for Biden’s Foul Balls. So maybe don’t listen to that one. Although, it was mostly about baseball. So still, maybe don’t listen to that one.

Music Featured This Week:

Lurid Panacea – ‘Disproportionate Incarceration’ from The Insidious Poisons (out now)
Pulver – ‘Kings Under The Sand’ from Kings Under The Sand (out May 10th)
Ripped To Shreds ‘喪家 (In Mourning) ‘ from 魔經 – Demon Scriptures (out June 14th)
Sol Sistere ‘Elemental Chaos’ from Extinguished Cold Light (out May 24th)
Abyssal – ‘Dialogue’ from A Beacon In The Husk (out June 21st thru Profound Lore)
Zaum – ‘Pantheon’ from Divination (out May 10th)

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