Premiere: Glacier Eater – Exodus

Glacier Eater - Tempest

Come hungry, leave cold

The sea forgives all, but it never forgets. One can escape their past out there on the vast deep. Liberated from the laws and rules of the land. Out there, a person can truly be free. Breathe deep the air of freedom. Peace can be achieved, but for how long?

Bay Area metallers Glacier Eater ask that question with a raised fist with their lead track “Exodus”. Featuring members of Light This City, Sworn Vengeance, and Heartsounds, the band deftly mix thrash with melodic death metal to create an aggressive tune to fight against the crashing waves. Riffs abound as the drums cut through the choppy waters of life. I dare you to not close your eyes and air guitar to that solo at the end.

Guitarist/Vocalist Ryan Hansen says of the track,

“‘Exodus’ is the start of our damned crew’s journey. It was important to establish the characters out of the gate and kinda have a ‘mission statement’ for the album. The music also reflects the dichotomy of our narrators, switching back and forth from more melodic and more thrash type parts.”

You know they mean business when they use the word “dichotomy” in a sentence. Don’t take my word for it, though. Throw on a sweater and get blasted with the bone-chilling sounds of Glacier Eater’s “Exodus”.

You can preorder Tempest over at Bandcamp. Be sure to like them on Facebook, and Instagram.

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