Toilet Radio Enrages Black Metal Nerds with Vattnet


On this thrilling episode of Toilet Radio, we’re joined by Brenocide to discuss Ozzfest’s role in torturing Iraqis, Clear Channel’s infamous banned 9/11 playlist, and delicious, delicious chicken tenders. THEN, Chris Alfieri drops by to talk to us about the new post-Viskar Vattnet. Chris tells us about becoming disconnected from black metal and his desire to create something new. Learn about the personnel changes, gear updates, and lyrical focus of their new record. Also, we’re able to goad him into talking about politics and Mario Kart. Don’t miss this episode.

Music featured in this program:

Expander – “Biochron Space Suit” from Endless Computer (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Vattnet – “Dark Black” from Vattnet (Facebook)(Bandcamp)

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