Cooking for Metalheads, Vol. 3: Venezuelan Melodic Merol Chicken ov Intestinal Destruction



(Spanglish for Metal).

1. m. Pronoun. Everything and nothing. Light and the Void. Music and Noise.


Hi, ToH! Uncle Link’s here to share a fantastic recipe called “Melodic Merol Chicken ov Intestinal Destruction“, also named “La receta cariñosa de Link“. Hope you like it!

First of all, I used venezuelan ingredients, so I will try to be very descriptive so you can exchange some flavors at will with whatever you can buy in your zone. Are you ready to mosh with chicken? Ok, let’s go!


– Chicken Legs.

For the stew:

– White onions.

– Spring onion.

– Coriander.

– Paprika/Bell/Green Pepper.

– Pepper.

– Garlic.

– Leek.

To seasoning the chicken:

– Worchestershire sauce/English sauce.

– Liquid Garlic sauce.

– Soja sauce.

– 57 sauce.

– Salt.

– Oregano.

– Cumin.

Time of work: around 1 hour.

Difficulty: easy.

Depending on the amount quantity of chicken, you can feed yourself or even 4 people or more. We made food for three people in here.



1. Start cranking this song full volume 200 %. Because, Carcass is awesome, they like irony and we’re cooking with dead meat, ok? Ok…

2. Cut the chicken legs to help it cook in the inside more easily.



3. Season the chicken legs in a bowl. Bring first the sauces and bathe the chicken with a lot of liquid garlic (if you use regular garlic, grind it and spread in the meat).

The important thing here is bring a lot of sauce, no worries. You will use the remnants in the stew too. A very common thing in Venezuelan cooking is that you don’t lose any ingredient!

Now you will watch me stuff the merol chicken with sauce, and you will love it!

Now you will watch me stuff the merol chicken with sauce, and you will love it!

Bring it and mix it with your hands!

Bring it and mix it with your hands!

4. Meanwhile you’re seasoning the meat, crank this full vol. 200 % to remember yourself to put huge quantity of sauces with uniformity so the chicken grab a lot the mix of flavors.

5. Put the seasoned chicken in a pot with a little drip of comestible oil (olive oil or butter can work too). Turn the kitchen in low fire to pre-cook the chicken. This is the special side of this recipe. You have to cook it until you see it turning gold with the previous seasoning. When you see it’s already cooked, put it out.

You can check here how the merol chicken was when it was out of the hellish hell infernal inferno.

You can check here how the merol chicken was when it was out of the hellish hell infernal inferno.

6. Cut in little pieces the vegetables for the stew: cut it in fine pieces. Also, once you have done the cutting, put both onions and leek in a recipient, and the other vegetables in another, because you will cook it in different parts.



7. Turn this up to make the repetitive cutting more enjoyable. This is a melodic death merol chicken, so you don’t have to complain and just enjoy the mixes. Eucharist is one of the older bands, so pay respect while those onions are reduced to pieces.

8. In the same pot you pre-cooked the merol chicken, you have to put another drip of oil and cook first the onions and the leek. When the white onion turns yellow-ish, drop the other vegetables and cook it, too.

Look the golden color of the onions. It's time to put the rest. (This is my favorite part of this recipe, jejeje).

Look the golden color of the onions. It’s time to put the rest.
(This is my favorite part of this recipe, jejeje).

9. while you cook the onions you will drop… TURURURURÚN… Black Tears…

10. When the vegetables are done. Put the merol chicken and cover the pot. Mantain a medium fire. You will know the chicken is ready because it changed color because the stew. You can add a little of the sauces along with a little of water so you can serve the plate with more of the stew.

We're near! We're in the Flames of the End.

We’re near! We’re in the Flames of the End.

11. Turn on The Flames of the End in 200 % loop volume and watch the chicken dying to reborn in a awesome and tasty chicken that will serve you as dinner. His transformation is complete so you can feed.

12. Eat and enjoy. Nomnomnomnom.

This are some stuff you can use to acompany this magnificent piece of meal. In this, I’m not counting calories/portions/whatever, because here we don’t usually do that and simply put two or three portions in the plate without worrying about that:

– White Rice. In Venezuela we put a portion of rice to a lot of lunchs because it mix very well with the stews and the vegetables flavor. Venezuelan cuisine have a lot of vegetables.

– Salad. A tasty salad is good.

– Smashed potatos. With cheese.

– Smashed plantain. To make it more latin style, smash some cooked plantain and add cheese.

– Cheese. I love cheese.

– Arepas. The famous Venezuelan bread is a good choice, because it’s more crunchy and mix better with the stew than regular bread.

– Fried plantain. Cut plantain and fry it. Tasty.

– Boiled plantain. If you boil it, it’s awesome too!

– Beans. A portion of beans it’s a good company.

– Pasta: use pasta with butter and cheese.

To make this plate. Mrs. Nayru Shine de Leonhart made white rice, boiled plantain and a tasty salad. And Mama Leonhart, made an awesome melon juice. This was our plate:




LET’S EAT… Melodic Merol Chicken ov Intestinal Destruction!!! *STARTS A MOSH PIT*

Aaaand, we have this [*] [Bonus Track] brought to you by our zombie pal, 365 days of chicken:

Black Merol Link, by 365 Days ov Horror.

Black Merol Link, by 365 Days ov Horror.

Hope you liked it!

My sincere thanks to Mrs. Leonhart for helping me with the editing of the photos and the other part of the cooking; and to Mama Leonhart for taking the pics! You are the best!

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