Premiere: Karmanjaka — Ancient Aeon


Do the names Havukruunu, Nocturnal Wanderer, or Borknagar hold any sentimental significance to you?

Does hearing the names Yoth Iria, Rotting Christ, or Macabre Omen send your heart aflutter?

What if I were to tell you today we have a premiere that can quell those flames of passion? Quench that yearning that stirs within you at the mere mention of those melodious champions of black metal? Dearest reader, you are in luck because today’s premiere will indeed assuage all of those big melodic desires, and likely generate more!

Say “Hej!” to Northern Sweden’s Karmanjaka and “Ancient Aeon”, the first single from their upcoming third full-length Gates of Muspel:

From the band:

“This song is what our ancestors contemplated existed before the time we live in now, and what part of that light we can still feel and see today. This is the first single from our upcoming album ‘Gates of Muspel’ where we lyrically tried to connect with our roots.”

Woo-wee, if that closing solo and outro @4:26 don’t have you girding your loins for battle seek immediate medical attention (unless you’re an American Toileteer in which case you’ll need to take out a $15,000 loan first).

And make no mistake, you’ll definitely want your loins as well-girded as possible for Gates of Muspel. A battle-ready, black metal tour-de-force based on the stories and poems of the Old Norse Poetic Edda, filled to the brim with anthemic jams, musical twists n’ turns, and rip roaring fretwork. Essential listening for both sub-genre diehards as well as fans of good ole fashion heavy metal bombast.

Gates of Muspel drops February 11, 2022 via Grind to Death Records. Pre-order it on Grind to Death’s bc page.

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