PORNOHELMUT is a real weird artist, and they’re releasing a real weird album real soon called Bang Lord on February 14 for all you lovers out there.

You lucky Toileteers get to listen to one of these strange tracks by the name of “Bell Ringer.” Neil, the person behind PORNOHELMUT had this to say about the track:

“I beat on things. And then stuff happens. Scary things sometimes. Drum beats and sparkles. I hope you like it,” as well as “I’m just doing my best to not get noticed and stay out of everyone else’s way while I try to blow shit up. Excuse me.”

Lots of cool polyrhythms and odd textures, but for music this experimental it’s wrapped up in a fairly accessible package. Rest assured the rest of the album is just as strange and oftentimes moreso, so if you’d like to dive in further and see how off the wall PORNOHELMUT can get then Bang Lord will be the album for you.

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