Flush it Friday: The Fragile Husk That Is My Body


It had been months since I last perched my talons at the local gym. I puffed out my chestfeathers and prepared for the flock that would await me this close to the new year. Upon walking through the front door, a cacophony of cawing met the circular orifices I call my ears: Bald Eagles blasting 5FDP, a finch with a swoopy haircut–even the nerdy frogmouths were getting swole. I had to show them who was the boss bird. Today, I regret this decision. My wings barely lift, my bones feel more hollow than usual, and pretty much everything hurts. You know what’s less painful than these extended avian allegories? The posts that these here fellows brought us this week. Please peruse the following:

Brandon Corsair delved deep in Slovakian folklore with this Malokarpatan interview:

Interview: AS from Malokarpatan

Spear premiered the weird with Thoren:

Premiere: Thoren – Gwarth II

Karhu bestowed the kvlt Casio upon us:

Down Into The Dungeon: First of Twenty-Twenty

The Boiz (minus The Golden Boy) dove into the extremely lucrative business that is extreme metal:

Toilet Radio 229: Metal Musician Net Worth Finder Dot Biz

Make it your goal—shitpost the most. G/B/Us hot and ready below, please.

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